Vanessa Tagliabue Yorke: different, far, incomprehensible

by | Dec 30, 2021 | Music

Different, far, incomprehensible

Different, Far, Incomprehensible

By Sergio Spada


In the very rich world of female voices that we can hear today in Italy, often with basic reference to the world of jazz and encroachments in other territories, including experimental music and singing, the figure of Vanessa Tagliabue Yorke stands out for many reasons: a remarkable vocal extension, the study of singing models derived from other cultures, a casual and natural use of different languages, the curiosity for genres and styles ranging from primitive jazz (and blues) singing to the most daring experiments, the ability to pass from the lightness of a vaudeville to the explorations of a record like this “Different, distant, Incomprehensible”, which already defines in its title a declaration of intent. Which translates into a lineup that welcomes the most diverse expressions, from oriental cultures to the American-style songbook, passing through moments where the voice tries to join the instruments in the same function and for the same purpose; making use of Vanessa and her voice of the presence and skill of musicians such as (among others) Francesco Bearzatti, Paolo Birro, Giovanni Maier, Michele Rabbia, all artists accustomed to not being satisfied with the care of a musical garden, far from it. The result is a work that escapes definition, is different and far from many, and even pleasantly unsettling. Each song is a surprise, around the corner, a different sense to give to a text, and an arrangement that leads us to openings, to other spaces, to border crossings, to sharpen our hearing and our sensitivity.

Izabela Diana Ihnatiuc

Izabela Diana Ihnatiuc


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