Canio Lo Guercio: we are preparing for the best

by | Dec 28, 2021 | Music

Canio Loguercio
We are preparing ourselves for the best

Canio Lo Guerci is a unique figur, in the Italian singer-songwriter scene. It was already unique years ago, with its apartment concerts for a few lucky spectators. He is unrepeatable in his approach to singing, a painful, winking, ironic, disillusioned speech-sung. He has remained unique in his telling stories full of humanity, often of marginalized and different, emigrants of yesterday and today, saints and charlatans, freaks of our times lived in a hurry. To this frenzy he opposes a whispered song, intimate, apparently cautious and shy but in reality so incisive. And it does so by spontaneously mixing its native Lucanian culture with that of Neapolitan adoption, a dialect that is able to dissect to its beginnings in many of its songs, making it dark, raw and passionate at the same time. And he finds in this latest work a magical balance between what he has most dear to narrate. The story of our happy and desperate life (Who knows what it is), of these recent disoriented times (Keep my hands strong), his version of songs that he loves to reproduce with his taste (Incontro di Guccini), the most painful and profound Neapolitan song (Core ‘ngrato). He who made Naples his adoptive homeland. Meanwhile, we are preparing ourselves to the fullest, as the song that introduces us to his journey says, where a bitter irony keeps us suspended on the sweet abyss of what could come from the near future. And in the end stands the powerful song of My Dear Mother, to defend and celebrate the sacredness of all migrations.
Sergio Spada

Izabela Diana Ihnatiuc

Izabela Diana Ihnatiuc


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