Alessandro D’alessandro: Squi(libri)

by | Nov 24, 2021 | Music

Alessandro D’Alessandro
By Sergio Spada

For prepared accordion & electronics


Accordion, bandoneon, barrel-organ. Magical instruments, revealing of popular culture in different places, from Europe to South America. Instruments we associate with the idea of the square, the people, the earth, as well as some mythical images of the twentieth century by Bernardo Bertolucci. Great musicians have given glory to the accordion, and we are no less here in Italy, where there have always been excellent players. One of the youngest and best is Alessandro D’Alessandro, who, after collaborating with artists who are already great and curious explorers, finds with “Squi(libri)” the opportunity to create his own work, “Songs”, in which the instrument reigns beautifully with its sound (sometimes modernly elaborated or even partially overlapping), accompanied by singers and musicians guests of the album. Alessandro’s accordion, truly eclectic, inventive and passionate musician, offers the very successful readings of songs such as “Azzurro”, “Jamin-a”, “I giardini di marzo” or the beautiful “Nu hoppa haren kroka” by Daniele Sepe. While in other songs he finds the voices best suited to the nature of the song and the chosen text (Elio and Davide Riondino in the prologue, Sergio Cammariere in “Il manichino”, Petra Magoni in “Quello che non voglio”, Peppe Voltarelli in “Mario”. If in some pieces the most popular soul of the instrument (“Azzurro”) is revealed to listening, in others Alessandro demonstrates its more complex and modern use, the ability to become an orchestra by playing an instrument, a surprising effect. Really a nice record: the right instrument to rediscover, the right songs to play, the guests more in tune with a similar type of project.

Izabela Diana Ihnatiuc

Izabela Diana Ihnatiuc


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