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ESTELON has decided to celebrate its 10 years of success by updating its iconic models. In particular, enhancements have been made for the Classic Collection, with six Mk II models, ideal for true audiophiles and music lovers who appreciate absolute neutrality, linear tonal balance and a realistic 3D presence.
To celebrate Estelon’s 10 years of success, Alfred Vassilkov, founder and designer of Estelon, has decided to make the already successful X and Y series even more flawless.
Alfred Vassilkov’s expertise in designing and building high-end loudspeakers has contributed to the global audiophile community by bringing the most luxurious and highest performing products through the Estelon brand.
Applied upgrades maintain the unique and luxurious design and clear curves of the cabinets ensuring the absence of standing waves and internal reflections.
Technical updates consist of new crossover networks that combine improved resistor and capacitor components for wider dynamic range and transparency.
The new internal wiring provided by Kubala-Sosna offers richer and more detailed sound, while the updated connectors are now stronger providing more secure connectivity.
Mk II models are now available with new Estelon-designed high-quality matte black stainless steel floor spikes and interchangeable flat feet, for carpeted or hard floors, resulting in reduced vibration, better audio reproduction and a more accurate image .
Each model has been updated with the utmost dedication to increase overall performance, and as a result, some models also feature new drivers.

Izabela Diana Ihnatiuc

Izabela Diana Ihnatiuc


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