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Wireless gets easier and easier, more and more effective with the Oberon C series that adds the integrated power section and the connection without signal cables to the already well-known qualities of the passive Oberon loudspeakers.

In this series, the 1 C model is the compact two-ways bookshelf with two speakers: 7-inch woofer, a size that is 15% higher than the classic 6.5-inch size typical for products in this market segment. A greater radiating surface allows to obtain a higher sound pressure with a more contained movement of the voice coil and consequently greater dynamics with more contained distortion. 4-layer voice coil.

29 mm tweeter: it has been specially developed for the Oberon series: dome in woven synthetic fiber with an extremely low weight, just 0.060 mg per sq mm. Such a large diameter allows to obtain a higher sound pressure with a more contained membrane excursion.

Power section with two 50-watt Class D modules for each speaker, one per speaker. Exceptional value of 100 dB in the measurement of the signal / noise ratio. Integrated DSP that provides equalization and electronic filter.

Oberon C’s ideal partner is the Sound Hub, now developed in a Compact version, which ensures a wireless connection with the speakers with a proprietary 30-bit stream in the 5.2 / 5.8GHz band. Uncompressed 24bit / 96kHz I2S signal transmission. Available connections: two digital optical, RCA line, HDMI ARC, subwoofer output, IR sensor, USB power / service, Bluetooth, Wireless.

Type: from support

Frequency Response: 39-26,000Hz

Maximum SPL: 106 dB

Cut-off frequency: 2,350 Hz

Woofer: 180 mm

Tweeter: 29 mm

Load: rear bass reflex

Tuning frequency: 52 Hz

Amplifier: 2x 50 watts

24bit-96kHz wireless input

Sound Hub inputs: RCA, Aux, 2x digital optical, HDMI ARC, Bluetooth

Sound Hub Outputs: Subwoofer

Bluetooth: AAC, Apt-X and Apt-X HD

Finishes: White, Black Ash, Dark Walnut, Light Oak

Dimensions: 274x162x234 mm

Weight: 4,2 Kg.

Price per pair euro 1,100.00 approx.

Izabela Diana Ihnatiuc

Izabela Diana Ihnatiuc


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