The Chinese Miracle: Lonpoo LP42

by | Sep 21, 2021 | Hifi Review

Acoustic loudspeakers

By Antonello Oliva

The cabinet might not be made of hand-polished solid walnut and certainly the speakers do not come out of the workshops of the best Danish school, yet these tiny speakers have all it takes to become one of the very few products that have made home entertainment history. These speakers are ideal for music playback at home, and they allow listening to high-quality music at affordable costs.

The reason is simple. The price per pair is less than 100 euros, at launch it was 59 euros only. Due to its affordable price, their demand will likely grow further: in Western Countries, nothing comparable had ever been marketed in terms of overall sound quality, construction, attention to detail, and consequently very favorable quality-price ratio. — Their great strength, not to be taken for granted, is their proper and balanced sound delivery: clean and fast, these speakers are so credible that they do not deface at all when compared to more expensive loudspeakers. Renowned brands may happen to guess their unbeatable product at the same price range. It has happened to Nad, Philips, Onkyo and a few others. There are better options for sure, but if the priority is to have the lowest possible expense, driven by a good digital chip these LP42 can represent an excellent solution for listening to music from your PC or smartphone. Additionally, the ability to combine them with a decent 20 or 30 Watt integrated, even used, to set up a minimal but very pleasant second system is not to be discard. In both cases, even considering price fluctuations, the total cost would be so negligible that it would not even remotely fall within the figures usually necessary to access the golden world of hi fi.

Technical specs

Type: pedestal

Number of routes: 2

Woofer loading: bass reflex

Ambient frequency response: 60-20,000 Hz

8-ohms nominal impedance

Efficiency: 85 dB / W / m

Maximum bearable power: 75 Watts

Woofer: 10 cm in carbon fiber and rubber suspension

Tweeter: 2.5cm silk dome.

Dimensions: 14.7×24.1×16.5 -WxHxD

Weight: 3.6 kg per pair

sale price 89.00 euros per pair (including VAT) manufacturer Shenzhen Lonping Electronics, – China



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