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The music knows no bounds. The soft tones of a Gregorian chant, the powerful dynamics of a symphony, the cutting guitar riffs of a metal band - the c1 active compact monitors master it all with aplomb. These speakers serve the music so neutrally that renowned recording studios consider the c1 indispensable.



Manger Audio C1: the sound transducer
The star-shaped Manger transducer makes a radical technological break with conventional drivers. The result: an impressive bandwidth that eliminates the need for the inherently flawed separation of frequencies in the midrange common to conventional loudspeakers. The human ear is particularly sensitive in this range. The patented Manger transducer, on the other hand, achieves an impulse fidelity and precision that is far superior to conventional loudspeakers.


Just as in high-performance sports only a well-rehearsed team leads to the podium, the Manger c1 paves the way for the sound of all elements to become world class. In the Manger c1, only components of the highest quality, determined in intensive listening tests, do their job. The robust cabinet provides optimal conditions for the chassis and the sophisticated electronics. Cabinet resonances that lead to discoloration in the sound image are prevented.


The Manger c1 offers all the advantages of modern active technology. The woofer and the Manger transducer are each driven by their own analogue amplifier. The division of labour allows the chassis and amplifier to be matched to each other. Intelligent analogue philtres in bass, midrange and treble allow the Manger c1 to be adapted without compromise to the individual requirements of the set-up and room acoustics. And thanks to generous power reserves, the Manger c1 masters every challenge with ease.



Lifestyle and living environment can change, demands grow - the Manger c1 flexibly accompany you on this path. Because these speakers set standards not only in the acoustic near field, i.e. at rather short listening distances. If you want to fill larger rooms with sound, supplement the speakers with the Manger c1 LF modules. The compact bass units are simply placed on top of the speakers. The result is a seamless unit - both visually and sonically the best floorstanding speakers are in no way inferior.

Solid stands bring the Manger c1 to the ideal height and put them in the right light. Thanks to the sophisticated mechanical design of the adjustable cone feet, the speakers can fully develop their sonic performance. In addition to the standard height of 61 centimeters, Manger also manufactures custom dimensions upon request.



The grace and timeless elegance of the Manger c1 are the result of intensive development work down to the smallest detail. The softened edges emphasize the cultivated appearance of the speakers, but at the same time have a positive effect on the radiation behavior. Connection and handling of the Manger c1 are extremely simple, all controls are freely accessible and the electronic components are protected by intelligent circuits.

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